For the Lovely Reverend Betsy

For the Lovely Reverend Betsy

It’s time to bid Betsy good bye,

our pastor of whom we are fond,

her intellectual sermons and hearty

laughter made our unbreakable bond.

A search committee, including the Rapelje’s,

visited Southhold to hear Betsy preach.

They liked her sermon; Pete and Joe talked golf,

Kristen drove Betsy to see Long Island

and all agreed she would be our pastor.

Her installation took place on Sunday,

the 7th of February in the year of our Lord,

one thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine.

Since that day, everything has been fine.

Elder Herb Parsons lead the Call to Worship,

Maureen Husing played All Things Bright and

Beautiful and the Rev. Joseph C. Simpson

gave the sermon: Listening.

So began 17 years of being our leader, speaking about

our little world and social justice in the larger world,

of being a radical in performing same sex marriages,

welcoming all to our church. Listening to her beliefs.

She’s a member of our choir, (sometimes singing solo

from the pulpit when the mike is on), served as

board president for the homeless shelter; active in

community: interagency council and many other venues.

Our church and community know Betsy’s M’s

which define her to a perfect T: her Mission trips

to help others in Honduras and the U.S.A.,

her love of Music and Movies to sing and to see.

So hearty applause is what we now need.

Let us wish her, as she retires, God Speed!


Evelyn Kandel 9-25-16


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